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AASC has developed a proprietary Coaxial Energetic Deposition (CEDâ„¢) process to deposit anti-coking, thermal barrier films on the insides of Olefin furnace tubes.

CED™ uses energetic ion deposition and plasma immersion ion implantation in coaxial, planar and complex substrates for advanced surface modification.

Energetic ions (20-150eV) interact with the first few monolayers of the substrate to break up voids and columnar microstructures.

The CED™ process is augmented by pulsed Implantation (>1kV pulses), whose higher energy ion impacts relieve the stress generated by moderate (~10-50eV) energy condensation.

Uncoated and coated furnace tubes.
Anti-coking layer on ethylene cracking furnace tubes

Uncoated and coated furnace tubes.

Ethylene and other olefins are cracked in large furnaces.

Cracking ethylene leads to carbon based soot commonly called coke that can clog the furnace tubes.

The furnaces must be shut down periodically to clean the tubes. The maintenance cost of furnaces for coke buildup exceeds $1B/year worldwide.

AASC’s CED™ ceramic coatings can increase the time between shutdowns, to improve the capacity factor of the furnaces.

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